The Gale Fort Lauderdale Advantage

What is so special about The Gale Fort Lauderdale Residences?

When you see or you smell a good opportunity you have the option of going further to research in deep about what has caught your attention.

One of these “opportunities”  that I think is very special in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market today is The Gale in the Fort Lauderdale Beach area. I call it The Gale Advantage.


First and most important is the location. Without a doubt, this is the Ft. Lauderdale area with best growth perspective at the short and medium term. In the stretch between Las Olas Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard, surrounded by the most prestigious hotels, entertainment venues, night life, residential real estate; about a block from the Beach, with the spirit of conservation of the traditional good life of South Florida; away from excessive traffic and noise, close to a nice Galleria Mall, you already know that you are in a good place.

Now comparing THE GALE to similar opportunities and projects being sold in the same area:

The Gale is the least expensive of its kind, by square foot.

The Gale will benefit of the lowest condo (HOA) fees of all new projects of the same type.

The Gale Residences are contiguous to a wonderful boutique hotel which has already a large following in South Florida.

However, The Gale Residences are not a “Condo-Hotel” structure. Condo hotels have certain restrictions that could be unacceptable to some people. Most Condo-Hotels cannot be used by their owners all year long but have to be rented a good part of the year. Usually it is condition imposed by the city or county on the building, with the purpose of increasing the area’s availability of tourist lodging. For some buyers, this is not a problem, since they plan to to use their apartment for just a few weeks every year. The advantage of a condo-hotel is that a unit can be rented for short periods, such as a week, a month, or even a few days.

At The Gale, which is a standard Condominium Building, we have the best of both worlds.
There are no restrictions on rentals.

Since The Gale is not a condo-hotel, an owner can use his place as his permanent residence, a vacation home, or an investment property that he can rent at will.

At the same time, an owner at The Gale will be able to rent by his own means, through a realtor, through an on-line service (Vrbo or But he can also place his apartment in the contiguous THE GALE HOTEL rental program, where it will be managed without his intervention.

This situation is almost unique, as far as I know. And a not so small advantage.  An owner conditions can vary in time, he can move, he can retire in Florida or to another state, he can decode to spend six months here and six month elsewhere or he can convert his apartment in an income-producing investment.  In any case, he will find himself free to decide without restrictions.

In this video you can appreciate the location, the new Gale Boutique Hotel as planned by its owners, Menin Hospitality, and the beautiful environment surrounding The Gale Residences in Fort Lauderdale



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